JAXB and the root element

Recently I helped a friend to implement the client of a web service using Axis2 and Tomcat, developing the client first and the jsp after. After testing the web service with SoapUI we started to develop the client with Eclipse.

The problem with this web service is that the body of the method is an entire xml string contained in a CDATA element, not only for for the request but also for the answer, of course this creates problem to generate the java objects from the wsdl file since the element is not defined as XML.

Luckily we received the xsd files so we generated the java classes with JAXB data binding which is implemented, and it can be executed, through the application xjc that you can find inside the bin folder of the Java Virtual Machine. Note that JAXB is the default databinding of Apache Cxf.

JAXB worked nicely but we had the problem to extract from the xml string the node container which needed to be declared as root element, in other words you need to use the @XMLRootElement annotation otherwise you can have the exception:

unexpected element (…) , Expected elements are (none).

when you unmarshal (from string to java object) the element.



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