Nexus maven repository with Apache as proxy and OpenDJ for authentication

For a client I have recently setup a nexus (oss) maven repository with apache proxy/reverse proxy and OpenDJ to provide LDAP authentication.

Nexus, which competes with Artifactory as maven repository, by default is waiting on port 8081 with the context path /nexus, which means that you can connect to it to the address http://localhost:8081/nexus (admin/admin123)

Having defined the name of my machine as maven I first configured Apache as proxy pointing to Nexus in this way:

ProxyPass         /nexus http://maven:8081/nexus
ProxyPassReverse  /nexus http://maven:8081/nexus

Having configured Apache to accept only https connections to be forwarded to Nexus in http (so https–>Apache–>http–>Nexus), I need to add before the ProxyPass directive the following RequestHeader:

RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto “https”

in this way, the Nexus zip version, which is bundled with the servlet container Jetty 8.1.11 (which from the version 7.2.0 understands x-forwarded-proto header, see also the commit related) it will reply with the connection option (forwarded=true), see below the default configuration (in /nexus/config/jetty.xml):

<Set name="host">${application-host}</Set>
<Set name="port>${application-port}</Set>
<Set name="forwarded">true</Set>

Now we add the ldap authentication, we go under Administration -> Server and add the OSS LDAP Authentication Realm to the Selected Realms.

I have OpenDJ listening on port 1389 (default), so we go under Security -> LDAP Configuration, we set the following parameters:

Protocol ldap
Hostname opendj
Port 1389
Search Base dc=my,dc=example,dc=com
Authentication method Simple Authentication
Username cn=admin
Password mypassword
User Element Mapping
Base DN ou=users
Object Class inetOrgPerson
User ID Attribute uid
Real Name Attribute cn
E-Mail Attribute mail
Group Element Mapping
Group type Dynamic groups
Member of Attribute isMemberOf

The last 2 lines are optional to Static groups, but since OpenDJ allows to use the isMemberOf attribute, I preferred to use Dynamic groups (see Nexus documentation). For static groups you can check out also this article based on OpenDS on which OpenDJ is based on.

Now if you click on the Check User Mapping button you should see the list of users and groups retrieved from OpenDJ.

The last step would be add roles to the user so we go under Security ->Roles -> Add…->External Role Mapping and we select the LDAP group which will act as nexus administrators and we add all the roles for the group. So we logout and then we login with the nexus ldap administrator.






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